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Alpha Males With Brains

Originally posted on: Mar 4, 2011. 

In the seduction community, we always hear a lot of talk about alpha males. However, there is one major problem that seems to go overlooked. Everyone just assumes that there is just one type of alpha male and that all alpha males will do well with women in all environments.

If you pay attention, you will see that there are three types of alpha males that can sometimes overlap. There is the standard guy who physically looks like an alpha male. This guy usually does well in environments where he doesn’t have to do a lot of talking. Women just look at him and get turned-on.

Then there is the guy who is an alpha male by status alone. His game may be horrible, he may not be physically attractive, and he may actually behave like a standard beta male, placing women on pedestals. However, this guy will still get women based on his status and or power alone.

Then there are alpha males that resemble guys like me. He doesn’t look like a meathead, so it isn’t so obvious at first. However, he is incredibly witty, and has a cocky, assertive type personality. As such, women don’t realize that he is an alpha male until they’ve spent a fair amount of time talking to him. This would explain why a lot of women don’t think I’m “all that” until they’ve spent some time around me, at which point they start to make their advances on me.

The point of mentioning this? If you are of the wittier intelligent variety that women like, then you need to be gaming in places that play to that advantage. I told you guys how when I did the online dating thing years back, all I had to do was sit and let women message me because I had a very witty profile.

Also when most women start falling head over heels for me, it’s because we are either in an environment that allows conversation minus the loud distractions, or it’s because we started out as friends, and they’ve spent enough time around me to realize that I am of the assertive, wittier, alpha male variety. Think about Freckles, Sex Lips, and a few other girls. They were all wishy-washy about me at first, but in the end, they all made advances on me. Why? Because although I am not a meathead, or super popular anymore, after spending time with my personality, they realized that yes, they were dealing with an alpha male.

With women, there are different kinds of beauty. And each type of beautiful woman will have a group of guys where her type of beauty is most appreciated. And similar to beauty, there are different kinds of alpha; not all alpha males are the same. If you are of the wittier assertive variety, then you are best-suited to pursue women in environments where your wits and assertive personality can be best put to use (hint: not loud, overcrowded nightclubs).

One comment on “Alpha Males With Brains

  1. Arian Raeisi
    December 26, 2013

    Your words ooze of reason and sense. One cannot expect to have beautiful women if one is not oneself beautiful. You can only ask to have what you equally have, and are thus deserving.

    Your wisdom is unconventional and cannot be understood by the mainstream, thus rendering it esoteric. I myself am a bisexual abstract poet and philosopher, so my cultivated sense and diverse vocabulary has always made seduction and conversation a breeze depending on the openness of the interlocutor. And the fact that I’m attractive and of fine height, makes persuasion of all even simpler. I feel like an observer of all these games of sexual selection at times, laughing at the minuscule men who slither their ways through mazes of embarrassment and unrefined idiocy. I enjoy all the attention i receive from women, all the staring and admiring, even from girls who are in the presence of their boyfriends.

    To tell you simply, the rest of the world cannot understand your methodology because they are far too behind. Concepts of male passivity and refined sense are far too advanced for such a cannibalistic and primitively hate-filled society.

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