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Attractive Men Should Avoid Nightclubs

Originally posted on: Jul 16, 2011.

Years ago in college, I was out with a female friend in what was one of our first times at a nightclub, and she said to me: That guy looks better than you. She knew about all of the women that I was easily sleeping with and looks being a big reason why, so she felt the need to point out that I finally had some real competition. I never gave it any real thought, but for some reason, her comment stuck with me.

And now years later, I realize why her comment stuck with me for so long. If I had the advantage of looks outside of nightclubs, then why in the world was I going to places where that big advantage was nullified by the numerous other attractive men available? I had a good thing going for me before I started clubbing: being the most attractive guy available to a number of women, thus allowing me to easily have my way with a lot of them.

I always say that unattractive men have zero chance of getting women in nightclubs, and that they should avoid them at all costs. Well, I am now saying that attractive men should avoid them as well. The biggest advantage that physically attractive men have is diluted by the large number of other attractive men in nightclubs. Muscles aren’t good enough, height isn’t good enough, dressing to the nines isn’t good enough, and a pretty face isn’t good enough.

Nevermind the fact that most men don’t have pretty faces. Nevermind that only one out of twenty men are above six foot one. Nevermind that most men don’t have muscles. Nevermind that most men have no clue of  how to dress themselves. When there are simply so many attractive men in one place, the women aren’t really affected by your above average looks, because by congregating where the few attractive men in any given city congregate at, your above average looks have just become the average.

If you’re a physically attractive guy outside of nightclubs, then you don’t have to worry about the other stuff. Women don’t really care about how much money you have. Women don’t really care about who you know or what credentials you have. And women don’t really care about how popular you are. If you’re attractive and talk to women outside of nightclubs, then you simply have to do a lot less to attract them, and in most cases, they will actually do all of the work for you.

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