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Dealing With Time Wasting Women

Originally posted on: Jul 11, 2011.

I just told you that you should avoid women that are window shoppers. And an easy way to do that is to just avoid nightclubs altogether, since they seem to attract a lot of women that aren’t serious about dating, no matter how much they say they are single and want a man. Well, I know that most of you won’t heed my advice, and will continue to go to nightclubs and cold approach the women there.

If I know that you’re going to do it anyway, I might as well tell you how you can quickly figure out whether or not you’re dealing with a time wasting, window shopping, woman. Over the years, I’ve figured out a very easy way to tell if a woman is wasting my time or not; whether she is a window shopper or not.

And again, it’s not about how much a woman says that she likes you, how much she says that she wants a man, about how much attention she pays to you, or how long of a conversation the two of you have. As I said earlier, it’s not about those things. It’s more about her actions, more importantly, how she responds to what I’m about to tell you to do.

Whether it’s your first time meeting a girl, or if you’re talking to or texting her over the phone, this will quickly let you know if a woman is just window shopping. What do you have to do? Simply ask her out on a date, the more specific you are, the better. If she gets all wishy-washy and hesitant, you’re dealing with a window shopper. Don’t settle for just waiting around until she decides that she is done window shopping. Leave, ignore her, and never talk to her again.

Why is that a good tell? It’s a good tell because it quickly reveals her true intentions. If a woman gets all wishy-washy and hesitant when you ask her out on a date for a specific day, then no matter how much she may actually be attracted to you, she has no intention of going out with you. And I’ll be straight up with you, if you go to nightclubs, you’re going to run into a lot of these types of women who don’t know what they want. Those women are stuck in limbo, shopping around for guys that they “might” want later on.

But what if she says that she is busy or doesn’t know what her schedule will be like on a specific day? I’ll tell you guys something. If a woman really does like you, and is serious about dating, she will make something happen. No one is so busy that they don’t know if they’ll have a day free within the upcoming week. And if a woman can’t commit to making time for you, then she isn’t worth your time anyway.

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