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How To Bang Women Easily

Originally posted on: Mar 2, 2011. 

I may have been a one woman type of guy over the past couple of years, but within a heartbeat, I can have a different woman set-up for each day of the week, and have a constant stream of women coming into my life, all while doing very little work in the process. All of that while doing almost no cold approaching.

I’ve talked about it on random occasions, but it’s interesting to see that no one else has managed to crack the code yet. First, let me talk a little about my history, starting with my first year of college. I want to say that I went about a year without a date, and four months without sex (I was sleeping with an ex-gf and my ex-wife for 8 of those months). Anyhow, once I slept with that first new girl, I went on to sleep with somewhere between 10-15 new women within a VERY short period of time, all while doing very little work for the sex.

Let’s talk about those first few girls. They were not hot at all (at least I thought they weren’t). I was use to sleeping with hot girls from high school, so for a year in college, I went without new girls. I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep with girls that weren’t what I was accustomed to. However, after four months without sex, I had to get laid. That’s when I went after a few girls that I knew I could get, and I knew would be easy lays.

That was the most important step that I took in order to sleep with all of the women that I’ve slept with. Why? Because those easier girls that aren’t up to your usual standards are the gateway to a constant stream of women, whether they’re not up to par, average, cute, or super hot. Sleeping with just a few of those easy women, the women that you’re probably ashamed of, will change your sex life.

Why is that the case? Because they are the building blocks to your social life. Those women will admire you, laugh at all of your jokes, always go wherever you invite them, invite you everywhere, and most importantly, introduce you to all of their friends (word of advice: don’t shun them after you sleep with them).

What they are, is an “in” with their hotter friends, and an instant entourage of women wherever you go, thus making you instantly desirable. Other women want you because they want you, other women want you around because they want you around, and every guy wants to hang around you because they know that women are always around you.

A lot of gurus will try to glamorize the player lifestyle like it’s all models and strippers. Real life players know that the glamorizations just aren’t true. Yes, you eventually get those super hot girls while doing almost no work, but it’s not due to cold approaching like crazy. It’s due to having a few girls that you’re probably ashamed to have slept with. They may not be the most pretty girls, but without them, you will never unlock the gate that holds the constant stream of women that you most cherish.

Most women want the guys that their friends already want or have already slept with. Also most women sleep with men that they already know. In other words, the way to easy sex is through social ties, and your easiest way into a social group is by going after the most vulnerable women; the women in most need of attention, aka the women that probably aren’t up to your usual standard.

Why not go after the mother hen or alpha female? Because for one: she most likely isn’t going to be an easy lay; two: she is going to give you a hard time when you approach her; three: she has no real need for you, unlike the girl who is much more in need of attention from an attractive male; four: the unattractive girl will keep you around in her social circle, while the mother hen or alpha female will just let you eventually fizzle out of her social circle once the next guy comes along. If a girl isn’t around then you can’t use her as a jumpoff point to get in easily with other women.

One comment on “How To Bang Women Easily

  1. Introverted Playboy
    October 7, 2013

    This is an interesting point, and one that most guys would definitely be uncomfortable with, but it makes a certain kind of sense. I’m not sure it’s entirely the best strategy because if many hotter girls see you sleeping with the ugly ducking, they will often think you just have no standards, which actually lowers your attractiveness in their eyes.

    But it’s absolutely true that social circle and social connections are the key to massive amounts of choice with women in the absence of cold approaching. The guys who have the most sex are those with the most interesting and dynamic social circles.

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