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How To Get More Sex

Originally posted on: Mar 3, 2011. 

You’re probably sitting and wondering why you’re not getting more sex. Let me tell you another little story about how I went almost a year without sex from any new women, and how I all of a sudden started sleeping with new women all of the time. Some of you are probably thinking because of improvements such as my “social circle”, “game”, “looks”, or by using easier women to my advantage. While none of those reasons are wrong, they are not the main reason why I started sleeping with so many women so quickly.

Then what was it? It was one simple mindset: I gotta get laid. Only then did I get in touch with my true masculinity, and stopped being so passive with women. I approached every attractive woman I saw, I sometimes quickly made-out with them, I quickly invited them home, if I got a number I almost always invited them to my apartment, and if we were alone I almost always went for sex.

It’s as if I had let my sex drive completely control me. I didn’t care about rejection, using the right words, what other people thought of my actions, game, if the girl thought I was attractive enough, how macho or manly I was, or any of the other stuff that you read about.

I simply let my sex drive control me, and took the quickest and easiest path to getting sex. Some of those girls were hot, some were average, and some were not. That was the one thing that instantly turned me into a sport sex champion. I didn’t do a lot of thinking or analyzing about how to come at the girl, or how I appeared to her or my friends; I simply acted on my desires without much thought.

Why does it work? It works because women respond to aggressiveness. It also works because there is not a lot of room for flaking, for women to change their minds, and not a lot of game to analyze. It’s simply go after the girl I want, quickly invite her home, get her alone, and go for sex. Almost no game whatsoever. Simply want sex, go after sex, get sex. If you want more sex with more women, you have to clear your mind of everything except for one goal: get sex now.

You’re not getting laid because you’re too focused on game, the woman’s reaction, coming off a certain way, and are too worried about what other people will think of you. If you want to get laid more, just focus on getting sex, and getting sex now. When you just focus on sex, and if the girl is at all sexually interested in you, a lot of the obstacles will handle themselves. Never underestimate your intuition when it is driven by sex.

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