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Inviting Women To Look At You

Originally posted on: Mar 7, 2011.

I wasn’t going to go out for the Arnold Classic this weekend, at least not to meet any women. The reason being that there would just be too many meathead guys to compete with. Anyhow, RJ convinced me to go out, and the exact opposite happened. I got more female attention than I usually do, and on a night with a lot of male competition.

On a good night, maybe one or two girls will stare me down or approach me, but let me explain what happened with five girls on Saturday night, and with a lot of male meathead competition. There were five different girls. Two were very hot and looked like they could have any guy that they wanted (typical tall skinny blondes with hot faces), and three of them were very cute (in shape, with nice faces).

The first girl was with her boyfriend. She locked eyes with me, didn’t look away, and held eye contact the entire time she was walking in my direction. I was walking past another skinny blonde, we locked eyes, she wouldn’t look away, she said “you look good”, and when I smiled without saying a word, she kept staring and said “you have a very pretty face”, at which point I laughed and kept walking away (RJ heard this and asked me why I didn’t talk to her).

With a third girl, I was hanging out, and I caught her looking at me. She didn’t look away, and I didn’t look away. She was with what looked like her boyfriend, but once we finally broke eye contact after about five seconds, she kept looking at me. Nothing special.

I was at another bar hanging out when a girl was getting a drink. I looked dead at her and wasn’t shy about it. She looked at me, testing to see if I would break the eye contact. I didn’t, she smiled, winked at me, extended her hand, and pulled me over to her (I believe RJ saw this as well).

And with a final girl, we locked eyes as she was walking by, she wouldn’t look away, she smiled, and said “hi”. Nothing special. However, what is special, is the amount of female attention you can get by not saying a word, and relying solely on your appearances, even when there is a lot of male competition.

Why even make this post? Afterall, no one is going to care about it if they aren’t a hot guy, and it’s nothing more than bragging. I’ll tell you why. For five years, I lost a lot of women for doing stuff that I didn’t need to do. Yes, the occasional girl would approach or tell me that I was hot, but I always underestimated my appearances, so I never thought I could use them to get women. I think that I’m an OK-looking guy that happens to be tall.

Are more women approaching me now? No. However, ever since I’ve learned to rely solely on appearances, I am getting them a lot more often than when I used game or approached them (meaning that more don’t blindly approach me, but more approach me as a result of extended eye contact). The only thing I do is look at girls, and once they look at me, I don’t break eye contact. And what happens, is that they end up talking to me, and some completely break down, like a fat guy around a super model.

The point is, if you are a good-looking guy, you can rely solely on your appearances to get women. Look at the women you want, and once they look back (they will), don’t break the eye contact, don’t say a word until they do, and once they break down and crumble, don’t game them; just stay calm and chill. I swear to you that this will get you more women than any kind of game will.

You will see this in a lot of my stories. I’ll be alone with a girl, and she’ll blurt out how hot, gorgeous, etc. she thinks I am and a lot of them will jump all over me. I believe that I attributed them saying that to game, when in reality a lot of those girls thought I was just physically attractive, and simply tolerated me, or pretended that my game got them (does game work? I don’t know, but I’ll leave that for you to decide) .

The difference now, is that I know it’s my looks that gets a lot of those girls, and I’ve grown comfortable with being an attractive guy. Before, although I wasn’t necessarily insecure about my appearances (I thought I was OK-looking), I didn’t think that women would like me just because of them.

As a result, I never tried leading with my appearances, meaning looking at the women I want, and inviting them to check me out by holding the eye contact. This is why in most of my stories, you will see me leading with humor, direct game, routines on occasion, or some kind of verbal dialogue early on to try to distract women from focusing on my physical attributes. Like I said, I knew I wasn’t physically unattractive, but at the same time, I didn’t think I was so physically attractive that I could lead with my looks.

I was completely wrong, and it took five years of waiting until I was alone or out on a date with a girl, and having her tell me that I’m hot, for it to finally sink into my head and make me realize that I didn’t have to do a lot of what I was doing. All I had to do was just be confident enough to look women in the eyes, hold that eye contact, and not say much after that.

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