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Let Women Feel You Out

Originally posted on: Jul 20, 2011.

We all know that women blow out men when they don’t like what they see, but what about when a woman gives a guy the chance to talk to her and then blows him out or flakes on him? What exactly is he doing wrong? Men that are use to being around women and having sex don’t make this mistake, but guys who aren’t do it all of the time. What mistake do they make? They try to do too much during their initial interactions with women.

Men trying to do too much is probably my biggest gripe with game as it is taught today. Men approach these women, try to prove their worth, try to impress, and just look like idiots that never get laid. Guys who are naturally attracting women don’t do any of that. They simply focus on having natural conversations with women and take it from there.

Gamers who aren’t naturals jump the shark when they use game, hence why they get blown out so much and get so many flakey women. Before girls even get the chance to get comfortable talking to them, these guys say things that are too corny, too sexual, too try hard, or too insulting. And what that does, is kill any and all attraction, if there was even any in the first place.

What these guys should be doing is letting women get comfortable talking to them first. This means cutting out all of the gamey non-sense, and focusing on just having natural conversations with women. If a woman just feels really comfortable talking to a guy, and he doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth, then chances are, she’s going to be comfortable enough to see him again.

Get it through your head that if a girl doesn’t immediately start ignoring you when you approach her, then she obviously must like something about you already. You already have her in your pocket. All that you gotta do is show her that you are capable of having a decent conversation without saying anything to put her off. Keep your conversations vanilla, let your confidence and appearances impress her, and let her get the chance to feel you out.

And for the record, I don’t do a lot of the stuff I did for a few years. I don’t try to be funny, impress, be too sexual, etc. I simply focus on having natural conversations and letting my confidence and appearances do the work for me.

2 comments on “Let Women Feel You Out

  1. boceandrummer
    December 5, 2012

    I agree with having “natural conversation,” though what sort of topics are suitable to bring up, making the woman feel at ease? I know I am an attractive guy, who has the “glow” and is capable of attracting good-looking girls, as I have in the past. What I can’t get my head around is how to approach woman to boost my count. I get the occasional girl who approaches me, and I can hold my own. It’s when I approach that I draw blanks. I have never been socially awkward, always extroverted as long as I am around one person that I feel comfortable around. Obviously the fear of rejection plays a role, but what sort of conversation starters are permissible for a 21 year old college student like me?

  2. Glitch
    December 5, 2012

    You’re surrounded by thousands of women in their prime whom you have something in common with: you go to the same school each day. You can actually talk about school (how you like the class, what major each of you are taking, annoying professors, parties/events on campus, what you plan on doing after college), the most boring topic, and if you have the appearances down, you’ll still be moving forward in the interaction. Read up on some Day Game material to help on execution. Hope this helps.

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