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Nightclubs Turn Men Into Vaginas

Originally posted on: Feb 21, 2011.

If you look around the manosphere, you will see all kinds of talk about why so many men are turned into beta males. Most people will blame feminism and girl power. However, a big part of the problem lies right in front of you, and in actuality, many men choose to be turned into beta male vaginas each and every weekend. I’m talking about nightclubs, and the countless men who choose to go to them trying to pick-up women.

In my last post, I mentioned a few reasons why I will never, ever, attempt to pick-up another woman ever again in a nightclub. Well, there is another reason: it just isn’t good for your psyche as a man. Nightclubs do damage that take months, sometimes years to repair. And for some guys, they may never recover.

As you already know, I’ve been going to nightclubs and teaching guys how to pick-up women for years, so I’ve seen countless men run the gauntlet, and more importantly, I’ve seen the effect that it has on their egos. With that being said, some guys are just vaginas, however, there are several men who go into nightclubs with perfectly healthy egos, and then end up getting changed drastically once they’ve been running the gauntlet for awhile.

So what happens to men once they start running the nightclub gauntlet? One of two things happen: most will turn into complete beta male vaginas, and a few like myself will develop a “The Situation” complex. Both develop as a result of the constant rejection and or stiff competition in nightclubs. Men go in healthy, and if they ever leave, they leave with mental issues.

Let’s talk about what I see the most of: men coming in healthy, and developing severe cases of depression and an extremely lowered sense of self-worth. These guys get rejected so much, that they end up turning into complete beta male vaginas. Why? Because they feel hopeless and like they will never find a woman. Their self-esteem is completely shot. And the worst part is, most of these guys are decent-looking guys who should have no problem getting women. I’ve even seen 6’4″ pretty boys constantly get rejected and turn into depressed beta males that will take any woman that will have him.

And then there are the guys at the other end of the spectrum, such as myself. They develop an inflated sense of importance, they become overly confident, even arrogant and obnoxious, and nothing seems to break them. Why do they become that way? Because it’s the only thing that works in nightclubs. Take a look at The Situation from season one of The Jersey Shore before they all got famous. He was obnoxious and had an over-inflated sense of self, yet he was always the guy ever able to get a group of girls for the guys. Without that overinflated sense of self, you will do horribly in nightclubs.

But why is that such a bad thing? Although turning the volume up to 10 works incredibly well with women in nightclubs, it makes you a horrible guy outside of nightclubs. Your narcissism makes you obnoxious, and difficult to digest when the show is over and you’re no longer performing.

And recovering from this isn’t easy. It has taken me months to get where I am now. I still have an overinflated ego, but it’s slowly going back to where it was before I started frequenting nightclubs. Once you get into the habit of turning things up to 10, it’s incredibly hard to turn down the volume. And if you’re a guy that has the volume on 10, or a guy that has been turned into a complete beta male vagina because of the constant rejection from women in nightclubs, then I highly suggest that you just stop trying to pick-up women in nightclubs, thus letting your personality return to normal before permanent damage is done to your psyche.

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