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What Makes Someone Model Hot?

Originally posted on: Feb 28, 2011.

I already have several posts about looks, most notably, your clothes. And most of you have taken my advice to heart. You’ve started buying the more expensive brands, you shop frequently to make sure everything you wear stays fresh and new, and by golly, you’ve even managed to coordinate your colors. However, you’re still not dressed your best.

Let’s talk a little about nines and tens. A lot of what makes these girls so hot, is that they have a fierce eye for fashion. These girls tend to look like models simply because of the way that they dress and apply make-up. I’m not going to talk about make-up, but what is it about the way that these girls dress that separates these girls from girls that are just hot? And more importantly, how do the guys they notice first dress differently from the standard hot guy?

It’s not about the brand, how expensive the clothes are, or even how new they are. Then what is it about? It’s about not looking generic. When a model hot girl or guy buys clothing, they don’t just buy an item because it fits in with a group of clothing that they already have. In other words, they don’t buy jeans because they go with several shirts, they don’t buy shoes because they go with several jackets, and they don’t buy belts because they go with several shoes.

Then how do they shop? One outfit at a time. What it means is that they forget everything that they own, and they go out shopping for a set of clothes that works best when worn together. Sure, it may match other stuff that they already own, but they know that it looks best when worn with very specific items. And what that means, is a lot of time meticulously combing through clothes at retailers, carefully coordinating just one outfit. This prevents them from the generic look that so many other people have.

If you look at any show about professional stylists, you will see that they don’t just throw stuff together just because it is color coordinated, expensive, or is a certain brand. They specifically choose items to create a very specific look. When done correctly, this achieves a model quality look that makes people appear more attractive than they really are; like they just jumped out of a magazine. If you want to achieve that same model-esque look, then you have to start shopping for very specific outfits, thus creating a very unique look from head to toe.

For example, I don’t wear most of my jewelry with most of my shirts. I don’t wear half of my jeans with my winter coat. I don’t wear most of my shirts with my most expensive jeans, and I am now in the process of boosting my shoe collection.

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