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Women Only Want Two Things

Originally posted on: Mar 11, 2011.

I’ve been playing this little game for five or so years, and I’ve experimented with just about every game technique out there. And after reading this, almost all of you are going to continue searching for even more dating advice, and completely ignore what I’m about to tell you, in spite of the fact that I’ve already done everything you’re most likely to try.

After all of the things that I’ve experimented with, I found that there are only two things a man needs to worry about if he wants to constantly attract women. And how did I come to this conclusion? These two things are what women comment on the most, and these are the only two things I worry about anymore, and I still manage to get a steady stream of female attention.

These two things are appearances and composure. Now when I say appearances, I’m not talking about being a pretty boy with a perfect face, nor am I talking about having bulging muscles. I’m talking about how well you carry yourself. I’m not going to jabber a lot about it, but once you have a decent face and decent body, women just don’t care too much about those things. Women simply care more about how well you dress and how neat and clean you are, once your face and body meet a certain standard of decency.

And as far as personality and game goes, women pay the most attention to one thing: how composed you are. Confidence, aloofness, non-reactiveness, and all of that jazz is just another way of saying “be composed” (perfect examples are Sean Connery, Gene Simmons, and Hugh Heffner). If you look at any guy that is use to constant female attention, you will see that he knows how to keep his composure when speaking to them.

The funny thing about this, is that most “game” contradicts this. Look at almost any wannabe player. He is terrified to approach, runs when rejected, acts nervous when he speaks to women, tries to win them over and impress them, he rushes to say things, he rushes to try to make something happen, he is afraid to make and hold eye contact, he forces physical contact, and he does whatever he “thinks” he is suppose to do.

Now let me talk about my approach to women. I make and hold eye contact, I don’t rush to say anything, I approach when I see what I like, I don’t run when rejected, I talk about whatever comes to mind, I don’t try to be funny or cute, I go with the flow, I completely ignore shit tests, and I don’t say or do things just because I read it in a book. In fact, I don’t even do the asshole thing anymore.

If you ask women why they reject men, they will almost say something along the lines of the guy looking like he doesn’t care too much about his appearances, or the guy saying something dumb or acting nervous or like a try-hard. Those really are the only two things that matter once you get your face and body to a decent level of attraction.If you step up your wardrobe, and just focus on maintaining your composure when talking to women, all of a sudden, they become a non-issue. Show me a guy that has girl problems, and I’ll show you a guy that doesn’t care too much about his appearances, or a guy that lacks composure around women.

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