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The Best Time To Call Women

Originally posted on: Aug 15, 2011.

I’ve been doing this for years and years and years now, and as a result, I have figured out the very best time to call women. Traditional wisdom will tell you that you don’t call a woman and ask her out on a date for the weekend because she is busy doing her own thing with her friends and probably has a million other guys trying to get a date with her on the weekend. And you know what? That traditional wisdom is right.

However, don’t read that as you shouldn’t call a girl on the weekend. In fact, not only am I recommending that you call her on the weekend, but I am recommending that you call her precisely when she is most likely out with her friends on a weekend night. But why would I say something so absurd? Like I said before, it takes women 2-4 hours to get dressed. And when they are already dressed and looking good, they are much more likely to want to see you, as their confidence will be higher than usual.

Let’s talk about attention. Women love it. Now how do you think a woman is feeling when she is out at a nightclub and she isn’t getting any attention? She feels like crap. Nothing makes her happier than when she is out wanting attention, isn’t getting any, and a decent-looking guy calls her wanting to meet-up. And even if she is already getting attention from other men, women will always welcome more of it. And unlike the other guys, you will have an advantage, since you aren’t just some strange guy that she met that night.

Keeping on the topic of attention, think about the woman that didn’t go out that night. She is probably sitting at home alone. No one, and I repeat, no one, wants to be sitting home alone with nothing to do on the weekend. If you call her wanting to do something, chances are, she will either want you to come over and keep her company, or want to go out to a bar with you and your friends.

Then there is sex. You may or may not get any play on a weekday, however, you do have something working against you. She may have to work in the morning, and in turn, may not want to be up or out late. Now think about the weekend. She most likely has nowhere to be in the morning. Do you know what that means? It means that she is more likely to want to stay up late, and more likely to invite you over after the bars close.

And finally, she has probably been out dancing and looking at “hot boys” all night long. Guess what happens when you are a boy that she is familiar with and you call her when she is already out or just came home from a bar. She is already horny, so she is more likely to have sex with you, and over any other guy because it isn’t a one-night stand, she is familiar with you, and she doesn’t look like a whore since she and maybe some of her friends, already know you.

You shouldn’t ask women out on dates on the weekends, because you have so much working against you. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call a woman on the weekend evenings to meet-up. You have everything working against you if it is a date you want, but if you want to see her, calling her on weekend evenings is your absolute best chance to do so.

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