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Why Hot Girls Are Inaccessible

Originally posted on: Aug 19th, 2011.

There are a lot of guys out there that can’t quite figure out why hot girls are inaccessible. The best conclusion that they can come to is that looks matter, and since they aren’t as physically attractive as the girls themselves, they don’t stand a chance. Well, they are only partially correct. Looks matter, but not in the way that you think they do.

Then how do appearances matter? They matter because when you are looking for entry into various social circles that the hot girls are a part of, you will be judged by your appearances most of the time. If you are physically unattractive and are extremely lucky, you will know the right people, and gain access to those social circles. Unfortunately, for most men, that isn’t the case. They will never gain access to those hot girls because they don’t have access to those social circles.

Let me talk a little bit about my experiences. I once had a hot girl ask me to be her date to a social event of hers. When I asked why she just didn’t ask any one of the many other guys that we both knew, she put it quite bluntly: they weren’t attractive enough. And I have several instances of when I was let into various parties and invited to various events simply because I was attractive enough to invite.

I can recall a few instances of when I was invited somewhere, and I brought lesser attractive friends along. In some instances, the friends I brought were kicked out and I was allowed to stay. And in other instances, as soon as I left with a girl or to go home, they were immediately ignored or told to leave; they were given the cold shoulder. I also recall a few instances of when a few hot girls would invite me somewhere, see a lesser attractive friend of mine that I brought along, and then leave because they did not want to be associated with him.

It is just human nature to want to associate with people that are like you. And I’ll be honest, outside of my closest friends, if someone is unattractive, I will give them the cold shoulder and not associate with them. If you want to meet attractive women, then you have to be attractive. Not because the women have to find you attractive, but because the people who know attractive women are probably attractive themselves, and will only want to associate with other attractive people.

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