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Why Focus On Your Appearances?

Originally posted on: Aug 23, 2011.

Anyone that has been keeping up on me knows that I am one of the few guys that will tell you to focus heavily on your appearances. The naive guy thinks that it’s just because of the obvious: women are attracted to hot guys. Although it isn’t wrong, there is a lot more to it that such men just don’t see.

What exactly am I trying to get at? When women perceive a guy as being attractive, and he gets constant reinforcement from women that he is attractive, his whole set of behaviors change. Not only is he physically attractive, but usually, the set of behaviors that he naturally acquires as a result of being attractive are the same set of behaviors that many women find attractive.

What kind of behaviors? I’ll use a few examples from my personal life. I’m more willing to ignore a girl’s phone call. I’m more willing to flirt with girls. I’m more willing to make and hold eye contact with women. I’m more willing to play head games with girls. And I’m more willing to walk away from a girl right as she is talking to me. I’m more willing to do things that attract attention to me. Anyhow, I’m sure you get it.

Where does this leave unattractive to average-looking men? It leaves them in turmoil. Not only are they physically unattractive, but their behaviors stay unattractive because they don’t get any positive reinforcement from women. If they received positive reinforcement that they are attractive, not only would they be more willing to behave the way that attractive guys behave, but they would acquire those traits naturally, not giving it a second thought, and they would have no use for game.

If you are a guy that has some kind of potential to be physically attractive, then I would say that should be your main focus. Once you get the looks, you get the positive reinforcement from women. And once you get the positive reinforcement from women, everything else will just fall into place. Not only should you develop your appearances because of what looks will do for you with maintaining a woman’s initial attention, but you should develop your looks so that you can use positive reinforcement from women to acquire naturally attractive behaviors that only attractive guys have.

5 comments on “Why Focus On Your Appearances?

  1. Maven3
    December 14, 2012

    Yeah, life is not fair…

    Some guys have a lot of leeway based on their looks/height, thus their game does not have to 100%. But, they have many holes in their system and usually don’t fully understand what they are doing – I know many few model-like guys and I saw few times girls helping them with shit tests.

    However, most guys cannot rely on their looks and have to develop other ways to attract people. They have to be 100% always, their system have to be virtually bullet proof.
    That’s just means we have to work harder on self-improvement and eventually, I boils down to the work you have to put into pickup/approaches and target selection.

    Eventually, those average guys will never be able to catch up on attraction, but will easily outshine models on comfort, escalation and connection.

  2. Asshammer
    January 19, 2013

    No Maven, you are retarded.
    Ever heard of halo effect? A male model being awkward and shy is cute and endearing. A 4/10 can be programmed to act any way you want and it wont matter, he will be viewed as a loser.
    Attraction is physical. PERIOD. Hundreds of studies have proved this. You can mess it up later down the line, but you won’t even get an interview without a good looking FACE.

  3. Stoic
    January 31, 2013

    Maven, I agree.

    Asshammer, attraction is not only physical. Even Assanova says so. Don’t be silly.

  4. Dr Van Nostrand
    March 28, 2013

    Hi, thank you for putting up Assanovas stuff online.He is the real deal.

    I love the blog layout BTW-spare and elegant.

  5. Stoic
    April 6, 2013

    Just my contribution to the cause. Glad you like it.

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