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Approach Women Like A Boss

Originally posted on: Sept 13, 2011.

It’s not too often that I write something specifically for tall guys, but every now and then, I like to do it. Every group of men have their issues with women, but with tall guys, it’s that they don’t really realize how tall they are and how much of an advantage they have with women. They don’t realize that there is a certain way that you should approach women if you are six foot two or taller.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: only one out of every twenty men are six foot one or taller. And if you are one of the few men six foot one or taller, but are under six foot six, you fall into that golden range where you are tall, but not freakishly tall. If you fall into that golden range, if you are in decent shape, and have a decent face, you might as well be a ten. Yeah, you’re not perfect, but to be your height, be in shape, and not be ugly, is so rare that you will be seen as a ten to a lot of women.

Now some of you may be thinking that if such men are so rare, then why do women still flake on and reject them? It has nothing to do with appearances. Women reject hot men all of the time. You gotta remember that just because you are physically attractive, it doesn’t mean that women don’t judge men by other things, such as social status, income, confidence, whether or not they are single, the number of men they get hit on by, etc.

However, for the moment, I don’t care about that other stuff. I want to focus specifically on when tall guys approach women. If you are a tall guy, you absolutely must approach women like a boss. You have to hit them hard, you have to be direct, and don’t back down when they challenge you (you don’t gotta be macho man, but you should be extremely confident, laid back, and relaxed as if nothing can get to you). When a woman gets approached by a tall guy, chances are, she is already intimidated, and when you come at her weak, it completely deflates her preconceptions about you.

When I approach girls, and get them a good portion of the time, it’s not because of something difficult and gamey. It’s because they see me, recognize that I am tall, and I come at them like a boss, so to speak. I hit them hard, I am direct, I show no fear, I am laid back, and I don’t back down when challenged. If you are tall, most of your work is already done for you. You have the power of preconceptions on your side. Just be congruent and come with a personality that matches your height.

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