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The Genetic Phenomenon

Originally posted on: Sept 9, 2011.

One-night stands are something that eludes most men. And for those that manage to have them consistently, we assume that it’s because of his game or money or social status. In reality, there is only one thing that matters when it comes to whether or not a woman will quickly have sex with a man: his genetics.

I’ll let you in on a little fact: nothing you say to a girl matters. The only thing that matters to her is whether or not whether you are alone in a safe environment. Really, that’s it for most women. When it’s all said and done, nothing you said or did to a woman prior to being alone with her, had no effect whatsoever. Once she was alone with you, she was going to have sex with you as long as you said the right things right then and there.

You’re probably thinking that it is a bit far fetched. However, think about the men that have lots of random sex. These guys are assholes, mysterious guys, creative guys, funny guys, etc.; there really is nothing in common in terms of personality or game. However, that doesn’t mean that the process is totally random. I can almost guarantee that 99% of the men having lots of random sex have good genetics, whether they are tall, buff, pretty boys, etc,.

Then why are there a countless number of physically attractive men not getting any random sex, even the ones that approach a lot of women? The only difference between an attractive guy who has a lot of random sex and one who can’t, is his ability to be alone with women. That’s it. In other words, looks don’t guarantee lots of sex, but looks do if a guy is simply alone with lots of women. All that he has to do is not screw it up.

Once an attractive guy is alone with a woman, and she feels like she is somewhere safe, sex is a very high probability. It doesn’t matter if he was a complete asshole to her. It doesn’t matter if he was a complete nice guy to her. It doesn’t matter if he has game. And it doesn’t matter what his credentials are. Why not? Because nature designed women to get attractive genes whenever possible. If there are no social repercussions, and a woman feels safe, it takes an incredible amount of willpower to go against what nature intended.

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