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Attractive Men Don’t Need Game

Originally posted on: Oct 10, 2011.

The biggest mistake that an attractive man makes with women, is that he tries to game them. Instead of using his most valuable asset, he tries to be like other men and game women. If he was a smart man, he would just throw game completely out of the window and learn to rely on his looks to get women.

Outside of making friends, game has never really worked for me. If anything, it is responsible for almost every single time that I had a girl into me, and lost her. In other words, it was nothing more than another obstacle that I created. And I believe that it is the biggest reason why attractive men have any difficulty whatsoever with women.

Looking at all of the women that I ever had a one-night stand with or left a nightclub, bar, or party with, one thing stands out: I didn’t use game. I simply let the girl focus on my looks, didn’t say much to her, and I moved quickly before I could screw it up and turn her off. Outside of the occasional question to get her talking, and the occasional funny comment, I literally just kept my mouth shut.

But wouldn’t I just get boring(?), you may be asking. That brings me to another point: I didn’t sleep with most of the women I’ve been with by sitting on my hands. I moved very quickly. I would say that on average, with each one-night stand or leaving home with a girl, I spent no more than fifteen or twenty minutes talking to her. We may have been in a group all night, but still, no more than fifteen or twenty minutes focused solely on one woman.

If you are an attractive guy, you don’t need game, nor do you need to spend a lot of time talking to the girl. You simply need to let your looks do the work for you. Try not to say too much, be sexual, and move quickly. Doing that will get you more women than game ever will.

2 comments on “Attractive Men Don’t Need Game

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  2. Jariel
    March 25, 2014

    I have found my experiences to be much the same. Just put the idea of sex into her mind and a lot of the time you can get laid pretty quickly.

    However, how does an attractive guy like this move beyond sex towards regular dating and eventually a relationship? This is the issue I always have. They usually lose interest once we’ve had sex.

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