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Focus On Just One Girl

Originally posted on: Nov 1, 2011.

The seduction community is just one big culture of fail. There are a number of reasons why, but I believe that one of the biggest culprits is the focus on group game, or group dynamics, as some call it. And to an extent, although I have not directly supported it when it came to larger groups (I’ve supported sets of 2-3), I have led some to believe that they absolutely have to engage groups if they want to get a girl.

Not only do you not have to engage groups, but it is better for your own good if you don’t. Am I saying not to approach groups? No. However, once you approach a group, you do not, and should not, engage the group. Instead, you should focus on the girl you want, and that girl only. Don’t even worry about her friends.

Why shouldn’t you worry about her friends? If you engage the entire group, then all it takes is for you to say something stupid or unattractive to one of them, before you lose the girl you want. And when you engage the entire group, you are introducing unnecessarily obstacles. That translates into more people that you have to please and impress. Also, if you get ignored by just one group member that you try to talk to, then your value is lowered.

Engaging an entire group also sends your whole thought process into overdrive, thus increasing the chances that you’ll screw up, because you aren’t focused on just one woman. Game one girl, and you only have to pay attention to how she is reacting, thus allowing you to think more clearly. Try to game an entire group, then all of a sudden, thinking clearly becomes a lot more difficult.

When you go out, all that you have to do is win over just one girl. One girl to impress. It’s easier to impress just one girl than it is to impress an entire group. If you win her over, then what her friends think of you won’t matter. Go in, focus on that one girl, and completely ignore the group unless they become an issue. Never create more obstacles for yourself by trying to engage people that are unnecessary to engage.

But what if her friends try to rudely pull her away or interfere when she is obviously into you? When they engage you before you engage them, then you are in the position of power. All it takes is one well placed comment to make them look bad or get them to back-off (i.e. “What are you, her mom?”, “She’s an adult and capable of making her own decisions”, etc.[completely ignoring them can also work]).

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