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Women Are Desperate For Sex

Originally posted on: Oct 14, 2011.

I’ve had my fair share of one-night stands, and one thing that keeps crossing my mind, is that the vast majority of those girls weren’t the slutty girls that you would imagine them to be. Most of them were women with very little sexual experience, and with the girls I later talked to, most of them admitted to having between three to five sexual partners.

If that is the case with the typical girl, then how could those one-night stands have been so easy for me? It’s because women are desperate for sex. Not only had most of those girls had less than five sexual partners, but they had gone months, some even over a year, without sex. And some of you may recall the story about how I slept with a virgin in under one hour.

Now on to the big question: if women are so desperate for sex, then why are so many of them flaking on men and choosing not to answer their phone calls or go out on dates? It’s because women CONSTANTLY get offers to exchange phone numbers and to go out on dates. And as a result, they have built-up quite a numbness to it, resulting in them being extremely choosey with the men who take the dating angle.

However, what happens when a guy completely bypasses the exchange of phone numbers and the offer of a date? I’ll tell you exactly what happens based on my experiences. If you are attractive, women just go with it, because they just aren’t use to a guy completely bypassing what they are use to other men offering (phone numbers and dates). In other words, women go with it because they are getting a need fulfilled that no men are offering them.

Am I saying that an attractive guy can just walk up to a girl, ask her for sex or grope her, and get it? Absolutely not. However, what I am saying, is that if a girl is feeling a guy’s vibe, if he starts leading her towards sex, she is going to go with it as long as the logistics are handled. And when she is finally alone with him, her sexual impulses are going to take over, especially since she most likely hasn’t had sex in a long time, and thus she is going to easily sleep with him.

3 comments on “Women Are Desperate For Sex

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  2. atraccionvip
    July 30, 2013

    I have been in “the game” for 7 years now.. i started really young with my “casanova” lifestyle. I used to have a blog (a looong time ago, blogspot was still a big thing) and got discouraged because i didnt get any feedback… so.. here its mine to you, my friend: although i wont argue that woman love and crave sex, I will tell you this. Most woman lie… they lie a lot. If a woman tells me she had only 3 sexual partners in her life and then she fuxs de brains out of me… Im probably going to be a bit suspicious!
    What i am trying to say is…. Its not about what woman say, its about how they act.
    Anyway, keep it up!
    Really good looking wpress!
    God bless

  3. Introverted Playboy
    October 7, 2013

    We tend to assume that women control all the power when it comes to sex. But for the most part, they really don’t. Even if she is attractive, it doesn’t mean she is getting the sex she wants.

    And it’s also true that most girls who do one night stands are not the stereotypical “slut” that guys tend to assume. For the most part, it’s a rare occurrence for a girl to do that. Although most girls do do it at least once or twice in their lives, with the right guy and in the right circumstances.

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