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What’s Wrong With Attractive Men?

Originally posted on: Nov 29th, 2011.

I’ve been out recently, and I couldn’t help but notice the number of attractive men that were with fat girls and women that they were clearly more attractive than. I also remember quite a few of my more attractive friends struggling with women. If these guys already have good looks, then what’s wrong with them?

These men are letting themselves get categorized with ordinary-looking guys. These girls are initially swooning over their good looks, but at some point, the women they talk to lose interest. Yes, women like their good looks, but once these more attractive guys start behaving like average-looking guys, they get treated like average-looking guys. Sure, they may get phone numbers, but never any real dates from them.

Then what is an attractive man to do? No matter how tempted he is, he should never, under any circumstances, behave like a guy that is average-looking. Instead, he should look at what average guys do, and do the exact opposite. This means walking away from girls in mid-conversation, pulling away when they try to get physical, ignoring them when they try to get his attention, and never calling or texting any woman first that he hasn’t already slept with or isn’t a good friend with.

How is he to get any women then? Remember, this is a game of patience. Half of those girls may never text or chase after him, however, there will be the other half that will try to wait him out (testing for congruence), but when he doesn’t respond, they will chase after him and practically be begging for him to like them, to come see them, and to pay attention to them.

Half of those girls are going to immediately pick-up on the fact that you are no ordinary guy and not like the rest, and they will want you badly. At some point, half of those girls who thought you were very physically attractive, will put two and two together, and will do whatever it takes to get you. Don’t behave like an average-looking guy, and you won’t get treated like one. You have to have the confidence to know that the girls will eventually come after you.

Is there any circumstance in which you should call or text first? Yes, when she is practically begging for you to take her phone number (i.e. the bar is closing and she is hanging back while her friends are walking out). If you exchange phone numbers outside of a similar circumstance, then you should be making it clear that she needs to call or text you.

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