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Why The Women Are Losing

Originally posted on: Nov 3rd, 2011.

Women around the country are celebrating feminism. They all think that they’ve won the war of the sexes. Women appear to be winning, while the men appear to be losing. However, ultimately, it is the women who are losing.

Why would I say that? I say it because older men are actively educating younger men on the fallacies of women. We have an entire community dedicated to teaching men about the dangers of marriage, the free paycheck(s) that women get in divorce, how men get screwed in the court system and child custody battles, how women only have their own self-interests in mind, etc. And we have more and more men speaking-up about their own very bad experiences with women.

However, when you look at the other side of the sexes, older women don’t appear to be educating the up and coming generation about men that make terrible fathers, men that constantly cheat, men that have no intention of committing, etc. All you have are women educating women about how to get the guy that is the most alpha, handsomest, richest, etc. All of this with a rose colored tent.

What older women are doing, is what men use to do when we encouraged younger men to get the hottest girl they could find, without looking at the potential negatives. Older women are completely turning a blind eye to how certain groups of men are screwing over women. When Kim Kardashian screws over a guy, we say “Hey, told you so. Avoid women like her at all costs.” to younger men. But when Brad Pitt screws over his wife, older women cheer him on, and encourage younger women to go after men like him. At best, you might get a “He’s such a player. Tee, hee.”.

Why aren’t older women saying to younger women “My husband gave me an STD, and he cheats on me all of the time.”, “I have a kid by a deadbeat dad and I’m struggling to pay bills.”, “My boyfriend beat the crap out of me.”, “I am a single mother and I have no time to myself.”, “My demands were too high, and I waited too long to find a man. Now, none of the decent ones want me.”, and then educating the naive by drilling it in and saying “That guy or lifestyle sounds good now, I’ve been there, and trust me, you will pay for it in the long run.”? More experienced women aren’t educating the naive. And it is for that reason why women are losing, and the men are winning.

2 comments on “Why The Women Are Losing

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  2. Mr. Odessa
    July 11, 2014

    Black women teach their daughters all the time that “Men ain’t shit” and teach them to have diva/bitch complexes. But that’s not working in their favor, either!

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