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Attractive Men Should Travel Alone

Originally posted on: Feb 7th, 2012.

You may be a very attractive guy, who knows that women are attracted to you, but is unable to get the results that you think you should be getting. Attractive women tend to look your way, flirt with you, and maybe even approach you quite often. However, at the end of the day, if you’re not getting the results that you are expecting, then all of that is useless.

I’m telling you, that based on my years of experience trying out different scenarios with my social life and women, the very best way to start seeing instant results with women if you’re an attractive guy, is to simply travel alone. It may not sound like it initially, but it is a total game changer. Your results with women will start to shoot through the roof.

As an attractive guy, a lot of women probably do like you, want to see you again, and eventually bring you around on a regular basis. If that is the case, then what’s holding you back? Your friends are. Women are willing to accept you, but they aren’t willing to accept your friend(s). Why not? Because they are not as attractive as you, and it’s a lot easier to sell a woman yourself than it is to sell yourself with a group of friends.

When I am alone, I get approached more often, things go smoother, and women just want to be around me all of the time. It’s as if the only thing I have to do is hit the “win” button. If my friends are with me, then they become a liability, and things become much more difficult. Not because something is wrong with them, but because women just aren’t as willing to accept average or unattractive guys into their group. Your attractiveness will help you, but it’s not going to help them.

You don’t have to give-up going to nightclubs with your friends, but you should develop a lifestyle where you spend a considerable amount of time doing your own thing. Go to a few social events alone; go do a few things that you are interested in alone. Why? Because when you aren’t doing your own thing, it’s a lot more difficult for women and new social groups to accept you, because you are essentially trying to force them to accept you and your friends as a package.

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