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Be Sexual Without Touching Women

Originally posted on: Feb 24th, 2012.

We all know that the key to eventually getting a kiss, sex, or building a connection with a woman, is by sexually escalating with her. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way that seduction gurus teach it. However, once you become a much more advanced player, there is a much better way to be sexual with women, and it absolutely turns a lot of them on.

What is this much more efficient way to sexually escalate with women? Be sexual without touching them. Try to use only your eyes, words that aren’t too sexual, and a sexual tone of voice periodically. Nothing serious; just light flirting, occasional sexual eye contact, and maybe even a little light touching. You want it to be so minimal that after a short while, women start to wonder if you’re ever going to make a real move on them. You want it to be so minimal that women can’t tell if you’re flirting, or if it’s just in your personality to be that way.

Women are going to love it for a few reasons. It builds up anticipation in them for when you make your real move. It also sets you up as a man to be chased. It keeps you mysterious because women are constantly guessing about whether or not you’re going to make a real move. It shows that you have self-control and patience, which gains their trust. And most importantly, it sets you up as a challenge for women, which they love in a man.

After a while of light flirting, occasional sexual eye contact, and not touching them too much, women will become incredibly sexually charged. If they aren’t already putting heavy moves on you, when you do make your real move, they will be in such a state of submissiveness that they will just let “it” happen. They will have all of this sexual energy, and become absolutely overwhelmed by it when you just take them out of what seems like nowhere, especially when they were unsure of if you were even going to make a move.

You don’t want absolutely no sexual escalation, but you do want to give them very small amounts of it. You can show yourself as a classy guy, and be sexual at the same time, and for most women, assuming there was some kind of sexual attraction for you in the first place, this will be a home run. It’s that sweet middle ground between showing sexual interest, but not too much of it. Be sexual without touching them, and women will not know how to handle themselves.

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