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It’s All Just Small Talk

Originally posted on: Feb 12th, 2012.

The guys who started the seduction community, and their followers, watched guys who were doing good with women, and thought that they found the solution. It was game that got the girls, so the gurus and their various followers went about trying to codify the secret words and techniques to attract women. However, what they failed to see, was that what they perceived as game, was nothing more than confidence, escalation, and most importantly, small talk.

We all know that American women are easy to sleep with in general, however, what you see, are a bunch of pick-up artists, who continually fail with women, and never really stop to question if the gurus that they follow are wrong. What I akin mainstream pick-up artists and seduction gurus to, are modern day conspiracy theorists. They take a little bit of truth, if it even exists, and turn it into this elaborate theory that is mostly just hot air.

What they fail to see, is that their huge game conspiracy is nothing more than small talk. Any attractive guy that is confident, escalates, and is good with small talk, will easily get women. Not because he has all of these elaborate game techniques that he uses, but because there really is nothing there; he is just really good at small talk. The same guy that is naturally good with women, is also the same guy that is a good conversationalist in general.

I think that the reason why PUAs have so much trouble with women, is because of their game conspiracy, and their absolute refusal to let go of it. They go into these conversations with women with their minds absolutely made-up about what they will say and do, and in turn, it just makes the flow of conversation really unnatural and contrived. It makes them come off as complete try-hards, it becomes obvious to women sooner or later, and it makes them really unattractive.

When you let go of game, you’ll do much better with women. Why? Because it has already been proven that women are the more social of the two sexes; and game is very much a social tool. Trying to beat them at their own game is just wishful thinking. If you know that women are the more social of the two sexes, and that you can’t beat them at their own game, why are you still trying to? That’s the question that you really need to ask yourself.

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