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Know That You Are Attractive

Originally posted on: Feb 9th, 2012.

Every guy that has a little difficulty with women, thinks that it’s because they need to do something to attract them. However, for the attractive man, I think that is literally the biggest mistake he can make. When an attractive man wants women, all that he needs to do is talk to them, and then do absolutely nothing. That’s it, and nothing more.

Women have these little ways of finding out the truth about men, and most men don’t even realize it. Most attractive men come off as insecure, because instead of relying on their appearances, they try to game women, impress them, and chase after them. And obviously, no woman wants an insecure man. That’s why so many attractive men don’t do too well with women. I think that we’ve all seen the very attractive guy with the average-looking girlfriend. His insecurities about his attractiveness is why he can’t do any better, and he doesn’t even realize it.

What typically happens when an attractive man talks to a girl and doesn’t game her? He comes off as very secure, especially with his appearances. Speaking on personal experience, when I don’t game girls, don’t try to impress them, don’t try to win them over, don’t ask for their phone numbers, and don’t try to get them to do anything? They all completely change. They start grabbing me, pulling me, cornering me so they can kiss me, and in general, they just smother me with attention and compliments.

Why would they wait to start reacting that way? They already know that you’re physically attractive, but when they start to realize that you aren’t even trying to get them, all of a sudden, you become the attractive guy that they can’t have, and when you have that one-two combination, it makes a lot of women go crazy for you. So in general, how attractive men mess up, is by trying with women, because it just makes them look insecure in the eyes of women.

Do women want physically attractive men? Absolutely. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that they want men who are secure about themselves. If you are an attractive guy, you have to know it. Women don’t want men that think they’re attractive; they want men that know they are attractive. It may not sound like a big deal to you, but to women, it is. Your looks are good enough to get the girl, but only if you are secure about them.

For those of you that are slow, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t approach women. I am saying that once you do, you shouldn’t be trying to impress them, etc.

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