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Losers Use Game

Originally posted on: Feb 6th, 2012.

You may be wondering why I’ve been on so many anti-game rants lately, and the reason why, is because losers use game. Now before you go up in arms, I want you to give serious thought to the statement I just made. The only guys who have to use game, are losers. And by the very fact that you rely on it in your attempts to get women, it would most likely make you one of the undesirable men.

I want you guys to think about a man that is desired by many women. Do you think that he thinks of ways to try to manipulate women into liking him? No, he doesn’t, and I’ll tell you why: he doesn’t have to try to manipulate women into liking him because they already do. I came to that conclusion while thinking about why I haven’t used game in what seems like eons. Women just like me, so I feel no need to try to make them like me.

Think about the women that you’re trying to game. Do you think that they stand around thinking about how to get guys that feel like they need game, the losers, so to speak? When attractive women talk to men, they just assume that the men will like them because they are attractive, therefore, they don’t try to make guys like them. And when women do use “girl game”, as some call it, they are fundamentally admitting that they are of a lower value than the men that they are going after.

Is this post to make you feel like a loser? No. The point is to get you to start thinking about your approach to women. Do you really want to forever be in a position where you have to keep trying to manipulate women into liking you, or do you want to start going in the direction of a guy that is just desirable to many women? I would guess that you want to be the latter.

If you are a guy having issues with women, your goal shouldn’t be to be the loser guy who always has to rely on game. Your goal should be to be the guy that is just attractive; the guy who can just relax when he talks to women and let them swoon over him. Losers use game, but the true winners are the gamed. Which will you be?

One comment on “Losers Use Game

  1. Mr. Odessa
    June 23, 2014

    Spot on, dude. But guys will never understand.

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