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Running Game with Model Looks

Originally posted on: Jan 23rd, 2012.

I’ve had guys come to me that definitely have model looks, but haven’t really seen any real success with women. Exactly how is a guy with model looks suppose to get women, especially when his good looks don’t seem to be enough? Well, the last time I was out, I was talking to a group of girls, just being friendly, and after about twenty or so minutes, one girl looked over towards her friend, then looked at me. She then said that I looked like a model from her home country.

Although it didn’t occur to me immediately, what I just saw was how a guy with model looks should run game on women. Cold approaching isn’t the best way to take advantage of model looks. A guy with model quality looks can get much better results, and better quality women, by running a different style of game. He needs to run a style of game where the women come to him. And really, it’s not a game thing; it’s a logistics thing.

Women already know that you’re very physically attractive, but they will not act on it in the time frame given to them in nightclubs or when they’re out and about during the day. You have to remember, that I have had at least three different women that I know of who were dared to approach me or came after me after some kind of bet. Those women decided very early on that they were going to bypass their typical wait and see approach. However, those women were the exception and not the rule.

You see, women want time to think before deciding on men, and when you’re in a nightclub, it doesn’t really give them enough time to think. That’s why you lose them. You may have the looks, but you are denying them time to think about it first, which causes them to flake on you, even when you run flawless “game”. Ideally, you want to be putting yourself in situations where women have time to let your appearances really sink in on them, such as a social circle setting, small bar, or classroom.

Give a woman enough time, whether it’s because you’ve been with the same friends all night, or because she is seeing you in a class two or three days a week, and your appearances will have set in on her. After enough time around you, sooner or later, you’ll start to notice them putting the moves on you; you’ll start to see them thinking of any excuse to talk to you. If you have the looks, place yourself in situations where women can take a wait and see approach, and you’ll start to see the results that you were expecting.

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