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The Point of Being Alpha

Originally posted on: Feb 21st, 2012.

The articles about being an alpha male that I’ve read are very interesting. Almost every single one of them seem to be about posturing and written for the purpose of praising manliness. While I have nothing against any of that, if you are what some would call an alpha male, then you know that the purpose of being alpha isn’t to prove how manly you are or posturing.

While being an alpha male can sometimes come off as posturing or manly, that definitely isn’t the intended purpose. Most alpha males don’t go around posturing for the sake of posturing. There is a purpose behind it, and it isn’t to come off as manly, as many guys seeking to imitate them believe. That’s why I never really understood the purpose of fancy lines of conversation to make oneself appear to be an alpha male.

Then what is the point of being an alpha? I will tell you that when you see a lot of the stuff that I do, there is a very logical purpose behind it, and it isn’t to posture or come off as manly. The reason why I behave the way that I do, pure and simple, is because it is incredibly effective in getting me what I want, with the least amount of effort possible. Nothing more, and nothing less.

If you were in my shoes, then you would understand why I don’t use game and why I very rarely try to be diplomatic about anything. If I know that I can simply demand what I want, take what I want, and intimidate all competitors, why would I waste time trying to be diplomatic? I don’t, and if you knew that you could do it, you probably wouldn’t either. Not to say that I’m not a nice guy, but if I see that I can take or demand what I want, or push my competition to the side, I will do it each and every single time.

Do you guys not know why women would respond positively to such a guy? He might not be the most diplomatic guy, but at the end of the day, he is far more efficient at getting what he wants, even if it doesn’t always look good in the public eye. If you’re doing all of these things that you think are alpha, and you’re still trying to be diplomatic about everything, then you’re just trying to appear manly and you’re posturing, which means that you’ve missed the point of being an alpha male by a long mile.

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