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The Time is Right Now

Originally posted on: Feb 20th, 2012.

I would say that my results are much better than the typical attractive guy, confident guy, or player in general. And it’s not because of game or anything else that you might have read about in the seduction community. Pure and simple, it’s because I am outcome dependent. At the end of the day, I am focused on the end result.

Do I speak to women while not focused on the outcome? Of course, however, that doesn’t mean that my attitude doesn’t change in the middle of the interaction. I think that it’s very important to be laid back and relaxed with women, but there comes a time when you absolutely need to make something happen. There is a time when you have to throw out everything: the rules, the obstacles, the game, and everything else in your head.

Why are so many men not getting results with women? It’s because they don’t make things happen right now. They think of all of the reasons why women would reject them, they think of all the things that could go wrong, they think of all of the things in their way, they try to play all kinds of mind games, they don’t act because they don’t exactly how it’s going to happen or because they think they lack the right resources, and they just don’t act with a sense of urgency. And before they know it, they lose their opportunity to make something happen.

When you are interacting with a woman, you are suppose to be laid back and relaxed, and maybe even toy with her a little. However, you have to develop a timer in your head, and when it goes off, you have to act in the most straightforward path possible. This may mean grabbing a girls hand and pulling her while her friends are debating whether or not to come with you, it may mean telling a girl to shut-up and kissing her right in the middle of conversation, or it may mean stopping her when she is walking away so you can finally get her phone number.

You all already have this internal timer. It’s usually when you are the most nervous. You know that time is running out, that she could leave at any moment, or that your interaction is quickly coming to an end. Start training yourself to act on that timer. When you start to get that gut feeling, it is not the time to start analyzing, or thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. Nor is it the time to be using game. It’s simply time to act.

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