An archive of the writings of Assanova

Women Want You to Fail

Originally posted on: Jan 11th, 2012.

So I recently had a one-night stand with a girl, and in the same apartment, were a couple of guys who had a crush on her for months. And what at least one of these guys was trying to figure out, was how I slept with her within an hour of meeting her, while he hadn’t managed to do so in the months that he knew her. Both guys sat in the living room, while I was in the bedroom getting what both of them had wanted for so long. So why exactly did I sleep with this girl so fast, and why didn’t either of these guys get as much as a kiss out of her in the months that they were trying to get with her?

It was because they were unwilling to fail. As a guy aspiring to attract women, you have to understand that women want you to fail. They want you to try to take advantage of them, just so that they can reject you. At least half of the women that I’ve been with initially rejected me. But why would a woman want a man to try to take advantage of her just so she can reject him?

No woman wants to be with a wuss, that’s why. They just don’t like men that lack a spine, and when you play it safe, it is exactly what you are portraying. Women understand that you are a guy, and as a guy, they expect you to try to take advantage of them. If a guy doesn’t try to take advantage of a girl, she begins to think he is spineless, which is the exact opposite of what women are attracted to.

Still, I haven’t answered the question yet. Why would a woman want a guy to try to take advantage of her if she is just going to reject him anyway? Because once she rejects him, his true character will be revealed. When a woman rejects a guy’s openly sexual advances, it’s going to reveal one of four things about him:

A) He is going to keep pushing her for what he wants, which will reveal him as needy and desperate. Very unattractive.

B) He is going to cave in, be absolutely devastated, and reveal that his confidence was fake. Very unattractive.

C) He is going to get very upset, and reveal that he constantly fails, shown by his frustration. Very unattractive.


D) He is going to stay calm, relax, and act as if the rejection never happened.

When a woman sees that last reaction from a man after she rejects his sexual advances, assuming that she was initially attracted to him in the first place, if she doesn’t immediately give him what he wants, it will at least cause her to take a closer look at him, under the premise that he just might indeed be the real deal alpha male that she’s been waiting for.

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